Two C's make a right by Cunty

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Cunty Club, a very sofistocated sheek lugshury brand for celebities, inphluincers and soshulits. Please wear your complimentary members only fidget spinner while on the premensus. Wouldn't want to cuntfuse you for a factory farmed egg salad when we got pasture raised high vibrational debiled eggs over hee in this bincinity.

Join us for some fashun in the sun! In this new wo tags tank made exsqueezitely out of Rayon and Spandex. Heat transfer design cause you haute af. Fits small, model is wearing a Large cause her classy vibes are bigger than lyfee.

PS FYI I'm (not) making fun of fancy brands, although it's probably maybe just bc I'd like to be one. There, I said it.

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