Nothing Without Intention Tee by DreamHeauxApparel

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Been listening alot to @saintrecordswhen i get home, and thinking deeply about Trying to understand what direction to take. I work a full time 40hr a week job, and run dreamheauxapparel the minute i get out of work, it’s long long days. Because of that time feels small and so important, and i want to make moves that i feel have purpose, i want to create and produce with intention. I think my designs have grown so much the longer i work at this, and this is one that means a lot to me. It’s what i hope to cary with me always, nothing without intention, nothing without purpose, nothing without heart. anything less then that isn’t enough.

****If you would like any design with gender-neutral or other pronouns please include a note in your order with the preferred changes , shirts will be customized at no other cost 

NOTE: Because these are made to order they will take some time to be made and shipped however they will be shipped with a tracking code and once that is made available, that will be forwarded to you immediately (estimated time is a 1.5 weeks ) ❤

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