Boob T-shirt by Natalie Very B.

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For every T-shirt sold, I will donate 1$ to the CANADIAN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION, so be stylish and help fellow breast owners at the same time <3 This hand made design is for all feminist and boob lovers alike! The gorgeous glitter detailing will keep their eyes locked... they stare anyways, so might as well give them a chance to say something nice while they're at it. Disclaimer: Each design is unique, just like your boobs! There might be some differences in design outcome depending on size and print-run. Though I do my best to create similar visuals, all these shirts are hand made after all, and that's the beauty of it! You're all one of a kind <3 SIZE GUIDES: A- small B cup: size Small C cup: size Medium C-D cup : size Large This is NOT an oversized or unisex tee, it's catered specifically to women. Product Details: - black glitter boob definition - red nipples - 100% cotton - hand-made design (The models are wearing size small) / Visit my website: / Find me on instagram @natalieveryb / Copyright © Nat Very B. / All Rights Reserved. /\

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