Twin Peaks Charm Bracelet on Plastic Chain by Himikoland

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18 charms designed by me referencing the David Lynch/Mark Frost show hang on black plastic chain that can adjust size with a lanyard clip. This chain is very strong!

Charms laser cut, etched and ink filled individually from various colors of 1/8” acrylic.

1. One Eyed Jacks logo

2. Owl Cave pendant

3. Tortoise Shell Log

4. Red Secret Diary

5. Venus De Milo

6. Black Lodge Chevron Stripe Floor

7. Audrey's snapping fingers

8. Bookhouse Boys symbol

9. Flying Owl

10. Blue Rose

11. Twin Peaks High School Bathroom pattern

12. Best Friends Broken Heart Half

13. Heart Half

14. Flame reading "And the angels wouldn't help you because they've all gone away."

15. Red Curtains

16. One Eyed Jacks bitten poker chip

17. Cup of Damn Fine Coffee

18. Slice of Cherry Pie


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