Amethyst Caged Gem Earrings in Brass Triangle by The Leopard Lodge

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This pair of caged gem earrings contains amethyst crystals in a brass triangle-shape cut outs.  It is about 1.75" wide at the widest part and 2" tall. The chain is also made from brass and adds another two inches of length to the earrings. The earwire is 14k gold filled. Each Caged Gem is one of a kind. Shapes are hand cut from raw brass, filed, and polished, and then the gem is wire wrapped with raw brass wire. The process results in variances from piece to piece.



*A note about brass:
Brass tarnishes naturally over time, this is also known as a patina. Some people like the antique looking effect, but others do not.  All caged gem necklaces will be shipped with a small polishing cloth.

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