latex collar with button & bow in Sea Green (MADE TO ORDER) by Tickled Kink Latex

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A delicious & light option in latex, this collar is made of 50mm-gauge latex with a bow on the front and a matching button on the back. Standard design is 17" long with 3 button holes, 1-inch apart.

  • Lovely for kawaii and pastel goth accessorizing
  • Perfect for a more incognito daytime collaring

Each collar is wrapped inside acid-free archival quality tissue paper and bag - so that you can safely store your collar for years to come.

Each package also includes an insert on how to care for and clean your latex.

Your collar will arrive in a light coating of talc-free (and unscented, grain-free, non-synthetic) powder. This is so the latex stays dry on its way to you. Simply rinse with clean, lukewarm water and dab with a microfiber cloth.

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