Fuck All Y'all Pet Vest by shittty stufff

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-Demin with snap buttons 
-Iron on patch

-Size XS: Chest 28cm/11.02"-Back Length 18cm/7.08"-Fit Weight 1.6-4.4Lb
-Size S: Chest 32cm/12.59"-Back Length 20cm/7.87"-Fit Weight 3.3-6.6Lb
-Size M: Chest 36cm/14.17"-Back Length 23cm/9.05"-Fit Weight 5.5-9.9Lb
-Size LChest 41cm/16.14"-Back Length 27cm/10.6"-Fit Weight 8.8-12.1Lb
-Size XL: Chest 45cm/17.71"-Back Length 31cm/12.2"-Fit Weight 11-13Lb
-Size XXL: Chest 50cm/19.68"-Back Length 35cm/13.7"-Fit Weight 15.4-18.7Lb

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