Minimal Moon Phase Patch by The Pretty Cult

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Now our Minimal Moon Phase patch is available to attach to your own items. Sew or pin onto your own flannel, jacket, or tote bag. Patch size is approximately 12 X 3 inches Printed on soft cotton fabric with a water based ink, made here in Los Angeles. Completely washable. What does the phases of the moon actually mean? New Moon: New beginnings, fresh start, rebirth - at time to set intentions Crescent Moon: Action, intention, hopes, wishes, growth, energy - act on your intentions First Quarter Moon: Movement, challenges, decisions, action, strength, determination - keep going forward Gibbous Moon: Adjust, refine, gaining, attaining - fine tune your plans Full Moon: Abundance, fertility, transformation, release, detoxing, peaked emotions - powerful time for spirituality, guidance and healing. Disseminating Moon: Contemplation, gratitude, sharing. Good time for quitting bad habits and destructive behaviors. Last Quarter Moon: Reflection, let go, purge, forgive - focus on the positive. Balsamic Moon: Surrender, release, rest, recuperate, calmness - focus on the internal self rather than the external world

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