Patriot Tarot Back Patch by SQUIRRELLEG

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This is print of a "patriot" tarot card that I designed in support of all of the women who stood up when our current president did super shitty things. I had a very guttural reaction when people posted on social media against the Women's March, calling marchers unpatriotic. I 100% believe that this country was built on our right to protest and therefore anyone who protests is doing so as a patriot. You have the right to protest, even if I don't agree with you. But if you are protesting for equal rights and for all of our freedom, in my mind you are even more righteous. The material is approximately 14" square. The image is approximately 9" x 12.75". Edges are raw, so fraying can occur. As with all hand made items, each patch will vary slightly. You can also get this design as a shirt. In case you are interested, I spent a lot of time working on the symbolism in this design. Firstly, I was working off of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot card design. I love that a woman artist was hired to create one of the most prolific decks to date, especially during a time when women weren't generally expected to be capable of being free-thinking. (Granted, it took decades for her to be given credit for her hard work.) In reference to Pixie Smith's work, I used as much symbolism as I could muster (nothing was done by accident), hand-lettered and off-centered the card. The card is numbered 11 (XI) which represents the oneness of the whole and the oneness of the individual. It is possible to contribute to the greater good while still maintaining the value of the self. The number 11 in tarot is found on either the Justice Card or the Strength Card, both of which seemed very appropriate. Justice's association with a strong woman who is capable of doling out honestly and fairness is compelling. However, our patriot, unlike Lady Justice, has removed their blindfold and now can clearly see their path. I love the grace and power given to Lady Justice, but I employed the symbols of the Strength Card even more. Often Strength is represented with the image of the lion. Regularly, the lion's foe is the hyena, which can represent a bully or a rude foe. So, I gave our patriot a strong mane to reference their lion spirit, and they are stepping on their asshole of an enemy, the hyena. Their tunic is decorated with nasturtiums, the flower of patriotism. The diverse sea of protesters behind our patriot are holding up signs containing symbols that represent equality, peace, justice, balance, love, and feminism. I wanted this design to represent everything I found powerful, just, and evocative. It was important that it be intersectional and representative. I am so proud to be feminine, strong, and involved. I hope that anyone who buys/wears this design has similar feelings or is supportive of those that do!

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