Bern the Swamp by eldowho

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Bern the swamp!

Feel the Bern, I like it - you may get some STD joke but it's still good by me. Drain the swamp, did it work? No, swamp fest. BERN THE SWAMP! Bern it down. Who could do this? The one and only, the one and only consistent man who wants to get big money out of politics. Bring awareness to your support for this man and his plan. Not me, us. I am a monthly donor to the guy, so you are supporting him through this as well as spreading the word.

This lovely patch is 4.5'' long so you can read it clearly and it is ready with iron-on backing. Put this patch on your jacket, your bag, where ever you want to see it! Do use a few stitches to make it secure, no sewing machine necessary just a needle and thread.

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