Meredith Palmer Pin by Goellnerd Pins

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Meredith Palmer is quite the character and she’s been called her share of names before. Floozy, yes. Alkie, check. Einstein sarcastically, you bet. Vomit mop, sure. Floor meat, that’s her. Flesh hoover, hi. But she never forgets the most important thing her mother taught her: talk classy, act nasty. And did she ever! If there was a dundie for wardrobe malfunctions, Meredith totally would have won.

A rubber clutch keeps this 1.25” soft enamel pin secure whether you’re enjoying your afternoon cigar, sleeping with the Hammermill rep for paper discounts and Outback Steakhouse coupons, or recovering in the hospital from rabies after being hit by Michael’s car.

Meredith Palmer Pin
1.25" tall x 1" wide
(32 mm tall x 26 mm wide)
Soft enamel, rubber clutch

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