Japanese manhole cover lapel pin, city of Fujiyoshida (sewer plate) by Tiny Saguaro

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The manhole cover reproduced on this pin is located in the city of Fujiyoshida 富士吉田市 (Yamanashi pref.), 100 km west of Tokyo. It is a cute little country town of 50,500 inhabitants built on lowlands on Mount Fuji's ancient lava flows, it is twinned with Colorado Springs (US) and Chamonix (FR).
On the manhole cover we can see the natural heritage of the city: birches, cherry blossoms, woodpeckers, and of course the view of Mt. Fuji.

Technical information

Black silver finish
Rubber back clutch
Hard enamel colors
Thick pin (2mm)
Manhole covers collection

Dimension: 1,6*1,6 inches
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies

Like all other Tiny Saguaro pin's, this manhole cover comes with a 12-pages minicomic booklet (in English & French) and a screenprinted handmade card.

The ministory coming with the pin's evokes a few anecdotes and the heritage of Fujiyoshida, such as its famous sanctuary, its Thomas the Train amusement park, culinary specialities, a giant satellite antenna and an eccentric wrestling champion who was born there.

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