Japan fire hydrant manhole cover, Ina city - (japanese firemen) by Tiny Saguaro

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This hydrant is located in Ina city (伊那市 - 72000 inhab. - Nagano pref.), and more particularly in Takatomachi (高遠町 - 7000 inhab.), which since 2006 has become a district of Ina, but was a small town of its own before that. Takatomachi is famous for its many cherry trees and their spring flowers, as well as for Takato Castle (built in the 16th century, and has belonged to several successive Samurai clans).


-------- Technical information
Black silver finish
Rubber back clutch
Hard enamel colors
Thick pin (2mm)
Manhole covers collection

Dimension: 1,6*1,6 inches
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies

Like all other Tiny Saguaro pin's, this manhole cover comes with a 12-pages minicomic booklet (in English & French) and a screenprinted handmade card.

The ministory sold with the pin evokes a few anecdotes and Ina's heritage, such as the snow partridge, the ground that is said to be magnetic, the culinary specialties, and Shuji Izawa, a famous linguist born in Ina who was the first man to make a phone call in Japanese. The booklet will also tell you why Tokyo firefighters can sometimes be seen performing circus stunts.

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