Ice Cream Pin Set by Goellnerd Pins

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Why choose between your two favorite ice cream treats when you can have them both! Try the Lion Licker pin and the Cookie Cat pin to see which is truly best. Ok, yeah, only Lion seems to like Lion Lickers (we're not even sure why we made them!) but who can resist the siren call of the Cookie Cat? He's a pet for your tummy! Both pins come with rubber clutches to keep them safe whether you're fighting gems from Homeworld or fighting to be first in line at the Big Donut.

Lion Licker and Cookie Cat pins are also available individually.

Cookie Cat Pin
1.35" tall x 1" wide
(34.5 mm tall x 23.5 mm wide)
Soft enamel, rubber clutch

Lion Licker Pin
1.25" tall x 1.25" wide
(30 mm tall x 32 mm wide)
Soft enamel, rubber clutch

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