Cosmopolitan Pin by Goellnerd Pins

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Take a trip in a time machine back to the '90s, let the magenta waves of endless Cosmopolitans wash over you. Your nose fills with the scent of cranberries and citrus and you hear Mahnolo Blahniks clicking across the room. It's girls night out! Cosmos all around!

This 1.5" limited edition pin was designed in celebration of Pride month. 50% of the profits from all Pride Cocktail Collection sales is donated to The Trevor Project, a charity focused on suicide prevention efforts and aid in times of crisis for LGBTQ+ youths.

​​Can't decide? Save 35% and buy the Cocktail Pin Collection.

Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Mimosa, Mojito, Blue Hawaiian, and Aviation pins are also available individually.

Cosmopolitan Pin
1.5" tall x 1.2" wide
(38 mm tall x 30 mm wide)
Hard enamel, double posts, rubber clutches

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