Bunshy lapel pin (shadow theatre bunny) + mini zine by Tiny Saguaro

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Bunshy by Juliette Le Roux is the first pin from our "guest designers" collection ! It was adapted from a lead pencil drawing taken from a series of hers inspired by shadow theatre.

Even though she lives in town, Juliette Le Roux dreams of nature. It's where she gets her inspiration as she draws her shimmering animals or sculpts moving creatures or imagines frescoes that brighten the daily life of city dwellers. We are not the only ones who think she is talented: Juliette is about to leave her current homes, Brittany and Hauts-de-Seine, to start a new adventure in Madrid at the Casa de Velásquez.

Miss Bunshy is the most badass of all rabbits. She does not fear anyone, and she likes to hang around with her crew of hand-headed animals. They like to pogo dance on wild rhythms together, scaring off passers-by by projecting their immense Chinese shadows on the walls of the city - or simply to chill, just like dozing lions. Anywhere Miss Bunshy goes, one cries out her name with admiration. Bunshy = “beastly & cool” ! 

* About the pin:
Antique silver finish
Double rubber clutch
1st edition of 130
Size: 1.18 * 1,6 inches

Like all other Tiny Saguaro pins, Bunshy comes on a hand printed card, along with a 16 pages minizine that displays the original series of drawings.


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