Golden Baguette Pin by MAKE HEADS TURN

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On a sunny, quiet weekend morning, while the city is still sleeping, a local boulangerie is already baking their fine baguettes, the smell drags you out of bed and you walk down the road to grab the best baguettes in town for a late breakfast on the terrace. What could be better than that? 

A slow, easy, French Provence feeling whether you’re in Amsterdam, or up north in the Scottish Highlands or down south in Rio de Janeiro. The never fading, calm bliss that comes with a fresh loaf of a baguette. Vive le carbs! 

The perfect gift for French lovers, those who love a fresh baguette on Sundays and baker friends who never seem to leave the kitchen! Wear it with pride and love!

    • COMPOSITION                                    Zinc alloy, gold colour coating
    • SIZE                                                   H: 4cm, W: 0.7cm
    • BACKING                                            Butterfly Clutch
    • PACKAGING                                       A custom design card, perfect for gifting  


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