Sidney the Sporran by Wayward Leather Design

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Sporrans are traditionally worn as the bag of choice in the front of a kilt, but they also work as belt bags.  Perfect for LARPs, faires, festivals, or any time you need handy storage and a nearby friend.

This monster is named Sidney.  Being a one eyed monster, he is a sure conversation starter.  He is made of supple and buttery soft base leather and a bright red face leather.  His eye is a combination of green and red.  On the back, he has ring hooks to connect to a chain for a traditional sporran look, or a loop to be worn as a belt bag.  His "nose" is a pull magnetic snap.

Measuring an inch and a half thick, he is 8"x7" wide at the largest point, and round shaped.  The eyes are handmade by me.  The teeth are hand cast plastic.  He is held closed with a magnetic clasp.

This is a one of a kind piece.

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