Friends Stickers & Magnets by Hey Joey It's Estelle!

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Friends stickers & magnets featuring original illustrations from Hey Joey It's Estelle, inspired by the hit 90's sitcom! Show your love for Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey & Ross and adorn your walls, laptop, books, fridge, dog statue...

❤ 17 die cut glossy vinyl stickers / magnets
❤ Available as white vinyl stickers, clear vinyl stickers or flexible white magnets
❤ Stickers & magnets are NOT lightfast or suitable for outdoor use
❤ Magnet is thin and not suitable for fixing items to a fridge (decorative only)
❤ Shipped securely in a cellophane wrapper & bubble mailer


Approx shipping: 

UK 1-5 business days
Europe 1-2 weeks
USA & Canada 1-4 weeks
Rest of the World 1-4 weeks

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