Close To You Fringe Banner by FUN CULT

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Get 70s sappy with this new Fringe Banner inspired by The Carpenters- just in time for your Valentine who always has you competing against birds for their attention. Hang it by your bed, over your record player, or above your front door that plays the same tune, just like Marge Simpson chose.
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● Deep navy fringe hangs from a shimmering cord secured with gold flower sequins. The letters are in my own handwriting, hand painted and outlined with a fine gold glitter.
● These banners are made of quality materials that allow it to hang with some weight and substance. They are designed to be impulsive and fun, yet they are made to last and can be used occasion after occasion, and as a home decor statement. I care about your banner needs and my letters will not crease, bend, bleed, or worse yet tear. If you choose to hang it outside at a celebration, should the clouds come out, a little drizzle will not harm it. Basically, it's your party and you can cry if you want to, but it won't be over a wilting banner!
● About 28 inches across, plus additional cord, and hangs down about 4 inches.

Instagram: @FUNCULT

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