bedroom mirror by darke patches

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woah check out this fun mirror

comes in four cool colors
- silver
- gold
- dark
- holo

its 17.5" tall and 11.2" wide
with a weirdo smiley cut out of the top

silver is your standard mirror
gold is warm and sunshiny
dark is a sexy silvery grey
holo is purple and blue and green and yellow
and transparent and reflective and lots of fun

you can stand them on a desk or shelf
or hang it on the wall with a nail (put top center of the smile)

ive been using these for my solo dance parties
and to make vibey tiktoks with
lmk what you use it for
insta @darkepatches
tiktok @new_unimproved

made to order so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery
fabricated and shipped from sunset park, brooklyn

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