Neon Leopard by Metaverse Nails

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Metaverse Nails™ (patent pending) is the only product in the WORLD that allows you to adorn your digital and physical self with customisable holograms. It’s glam wearable tech.

Our wearable appcessories are collectible fashion accessories that interact with our Metaverse Nails app, a 3D social app that triggers a dazzling range of futuristic, interactive hologram stickers which can be snapped and shared in real time to social networks - directly off your #nextlevelnails .

The classic Metaverse signature print; Neon Leopard is the genesis fashion nail pattern that launched our entire futuristic glam tech brand. Neon Leopard is designed by Metaverse for wild cats prowling a neon crystal urban jungle.

Download the MMNAILS APP on AppStore and GooglePlay.



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