FULL MOON SPRAY by Crystroll

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Full Moon Releasing Spray
This is a releasing spray, which is what the full moon is all about. The full moon is the end of the moon cycle. The full moon illuminates what is no longer serving us, so we can let go and make room for the new. This essential oil blend has a high frequency and allows you to let go on negative emotions so you can progress in an effective and efficient way. 

Can be sprayed on skin, clothes, or on your pillow before bed.

These are all natural and made with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Ingredients- Essential oils: ylang ylang, lavandin, geranium, sandalwood
+ almond oil, witch hazel, natural mica pigment, distilled water, and obsidian crystals.

*Shake well before each use, as oil and water tend to separate. 

While these do smell amazing, they are not meant to be a perfume substitute. They lack the artificial fragrances that allow scent to last for extended periods of time.

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