Sooo Sad My Hooman Dresses Me in Bonnets Puppy Parody Card Painting by Rotten Sentiments

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This is a "Thinking of you" card that features a very sad puppy . .ok, well the reason he is sad changed a wee bit after I got through with it. He is just sad about his jerk humans dressing him up in bonnets and taking selfies with him . . .he REALLY hates bonnets. This card is painted on top in acrylic. I painted The word balloons and text at the bottom

Little Card Comes unframed, packed in a polybag with backing board and is signed inside card. This parody is Absolutely ONE of a kind!

NOTE: It is not meant to be sent out like a real card  - This is an antique card and used. The inside of the card is filled out and reads:
Mrs Pace We heard about your "trip." I hope you are healing along OK and will soon be completely well again. Love Elizabeth.

I signed the inside

It's probably from the 40's-50's.

Card: 4.5"w x 3.75" T

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