Healing Flower Pendant - Weed Jewelry by Hybrid Moments Designs

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Every Creation is made is order and comes with strain name used. Your choice of:Sativa, Indica or Hybrid. Gold, Silver, Gunmetal Chain or Hemp Cord. Beautifully hand selected Top Shelf, Arizona Medical Grade Cannabis Flower fills this One of kind and made to order Pendant. Made with Jewelry Grade resin, the plant material is forever embedded and CANNOT be removed or consumed in any way, shape or form. Legal to own and wear anywhere hemp is legal. By purchasing, customer agrees to be at least 18 years of age and aware of all the local laws and customs of their locality. I hope you love wearing or giving this as an awesome one of kind gift! Please message me with any questions. As a MMJ patient, I know this natural healing plant has allowed me to live my life, free of harmful and sedating pharmaceuticals. This pendant was created for 2 reasons:1.) To help break the stigma attached to one of our Earth's own creations 2.) To show how beautiful this flower really is.

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