GRAVE STONE RELIC FROM ED GEIN'S GRAVE! - official fan club collectible!! by Artwork Of Prophecy

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ED GEIN - KING OF THE HALLOWEEN SEASON!!! Countless, ok I'm sure they can be counted but there's a LOT of Gein inspired halloween flicks out there, Gein inspired a generation of ghouls and wanna be grave diggers and in that spirit I wanted to release my tribute to the KING OF THE HALLOWEEN SEASON! All, that's correct ALL of the very, VERY limited GEIN collectibles will come with an official and plastic Ed Gein fan club card, again in all of it's plastic glory and, AND a bag of Grave dirt direct from the top of ED GEINS GRAVE!!! what I'm offering in very limited quantities is… - grave stone & dirt necklace - PIECE OF ED GEINS GRAVE STONE in a pewter locket with a vial of dirt on a necklace, in a collectors box, with a real plastic ED GEIN FAN CLUB CARD. - LIMITED TO 69 ALL ITEMS ARE HAND NUMBERED… the grave stone comes with a signed certificate also, hand numbered. for the ED GEINS GRAVE STONE collectors box I will raise the price by $5 for each 10 sold, that makes this a reverse sale… buy it NOW and save as these will absolutely go up in value… the first 10 will sell for $25, the second 10, $30 and so on... I feel these are worth $50 easy, there's a lot of hard work and money put into this labor of halloween love. 


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