Raspberry Beret Scrunchie by Coco Clem

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Handmade to order: "Raspberry Beret" scrunchie available in a matte cotton or shimmery satin. The kind you find in a second hand store. 

~About our process~ 

Fabric Printing: 

The fabric is printed using the eco friendly technique of sublimation printing in a small print shop in Raleigh, NC that is third party certified with Oeko-Tex's Standard 100. That means they test for a long list of chemicals, pesticides, and phthalates, in addition to common things like lead and arsenic. 

Fabric Inks: 

They use non-toxic, water based, pigmented inks using digital printing technology. Digital inkjet process is a closed system that mixes colors on the fly from a master set in response to the design info being sent to the printer. Very little color is wasted via this process. The pigment based chemistry is cured / made permanent on the cloth through heat fixation and unlike printing with some dye based chemistries, the fabric does not require any "wet post processing." This means there is no water consumed as part of their current printing process and they generate no water based effluent. The particular pigment colorants they use have also been tested for harmful chemicals (eg: formaldehyde) and perform very well in this regard. There are no heavy metals in this formulation.

Recycling + Reuse: 

When fabric is flawed they resort to recycling and reuse by sending it to a scrap pile. Every so often they fill the back of a semi trailer with fabric and send it off to a fabric recycler who shreds the yardage into unrecognizable bits- then gets used for industrial applications like car upholstery, furniture, stuffing, floors, etc. 


Each piece is sewn exclusively in our studio of Wilmington, North Carolina. 

The Print: 

All Coco Clem prints originate from the drawings of Courtney Rivenbark, owner and creator of Coco Clem. 


Please allow 2/3 weeks following your purchase for the scrunchie to be made and shipped to you.

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