Witch Finger Finger Necklace in Silver by Muffy Brandt

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I am in love with all things witchy, duh, so I made this pendant.  Its a playful take on classic Halloween rubber witch fingers.

I made a classic Halloween witch finger in wax, then had it cast in sterling silver, and finish each piece by hand to make a pendant.

Out of your price range?  See my other listings for this necklace cast in bronze.

This piece is solid silver, not plated, it has a substantial and pleasing weight.

The pendant lands at a flattering length, hanging from a 24" (60.9 cm) chain.

The nail is polished to a pointy shine, and the wrinkles and warts have been detailed.

Please note the witch finger is slim and may not fit the pointer finger of all wearers, I idly dangle mine on my pinky for a haunting effect.

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