Bitsy Dreampuff Art Pillow - Large (version 2) by Susan Belle

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Bitsy Dreampuff is from the series of Dreampuff art pillows I started in 2013, also featuring Maple & Zouzou (coming soon! see last two photos). Bring more color, cuteness, and whimsy to your world and someone elses!

Each one is unique! They are designed, hand-cut, hand/machine-sewn, and filled by me.

Fabric content: Organic Sateen Cotton, hypoallergenic poly-fill

Cleaning: Gentle spot clean only

Size: Approximately 12.5" (w) x 16.5" (h)

Please note: Colors on screen will vary slightly from real life

***One out of three of these has a back logo with a rainbow-colored heart. The logo with the red heart has a font i designed for the word "Dreampuff". Feel free to contact me if you want Bitsy with a specific logo before purchase. Please see all photos.***

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