Issue 3 by HISS MAG

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We are in a time of immediate information gratification. Needing answers as fast as we think about them, we scroll faster and faster to get to the next image and skip videos because they won’t load fast enough. We hover over our phones staring at the small bright screens for hours a day. It cramps our minds and gives us tunnel vision. It becomes habit and gives us both satisfaction and anxiety.

 Issue 3 will focus on the video and performance art specifically because these mediums move slower, look closer, are present longer, and engage deeper. The work selected does not give us direct answers, narratives, or information. These artists help us become present in ourselves by creating and distorting realities, blurring feelings, pushing textures, and confronting sounds. Moods become amoebas, shifting and moving, and realities fold in on themselves slowly. The artists selected for Issue 3 are amongst so many pushing and warping what video and performance art can be.

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