Parody "Domesticated Animals" Hand Painted Booklet Cover ONE of a kind! by Rotten Sentiments

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This is a Little booklet that I painted in Acrylic. It was originally a nice, normal painting of a horse . .well at one point it was. My version includes a very dapper young lad with a monocle, sock garters, bowtie, tophat and smoking a pipe politely asking where the toilet is - as only a domesticated gentleman would. Additonal clothing is hand-painted in acrylic. Absolutely one of a kind!!

Photos almost do this piece a disservice - As it is impossible to photograph!

Little Book Comes in a polybag and is signed by me inside book. Painting is only on the cover - I left the rest of the book as I bought it. This parody is Absolutely ONE of a kind!

Book: 6.25"w x 8.5" T

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