BABELON by Grace Lang

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BABELON is a feminist fairytale about the end of one world and the birth of another, created by the artist/writer team of Grace Hannah Lang Simon Lazarus Vasta. This 32 page, black and white artist's book mashes up Metal album covers, Underground Comix, and a range of historical artistic masters like Fransisco de Goya, William Hogarth and Hieronymus Bosch, creating a darkly psychedelic vision of the last days of patriarchal oppression and the dawn of a better world. BABELON comes with a three-color, double-sided silkscreened dust jacket, printed by Kayrock Studios in Brooklyn, NY. The book was printed by Paper Press Punch in Seattle, WA. A surrealist tale of female rebellion and triumph, BABELON is a vision of a strange and wondrous tomorrow. If you know anyone who is sick to their stomach about the state of our fallen world, be sure to pick this one up. Especially if that anyone is you.

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