TROLLOP Brass Bolo Tie Necklace with Large Medallion by Lord Violet

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The TROLLOP bolo tie necklace is one of a kind, using chain, instead of leather cord found on the traditional western accessory.  It features a large brass circle medallion, that will give you some bold collar bling.  The black and gold brass snake chain is adorned with round bead bolo tips.  The bolo tie is adjustable with a rubber slide bead that allows the medallion to slide up and down the chain.  

There are many ways to wear this bolo.  You can cinch it up snugly under your collar or around a turtleneck.  Or, it can also be worn lower as a necklace for a more casual look.

The versatility of this bolo tie renders it the ultimate accessory for all genders.  It is timeless in style, making it a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.  The use of chain instead of leather cord also makes it vegan friendly! Handmade by me, an independent Canadian designer.

◦ Chain length:  34"
◦ Chain width: 2mm
◦ Brass medallion width: 3"
◦ Hangs ~20"

*due to the nature of brass, there may be slight variations in the color of the medallion due to oxidization

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